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Honduras sits in the heart of Central America, bordered by Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua. It is a small country, with a population of just over 9 million. Of those 9+ million, roughly 62% live in extreme poverty. While education is obligatory and free for children age 7-14, many are unable to participate due to various factors, such as the inability to purchase the necessary school supplies. As jobs are scarce and crime is pervasive, many youth are left with no hope for a better tomorrow. However, through proper funding and support, we believe it is possible to change these cycles of poverty.


Our efforts are currently focused in two areas of Honduras: the small mountain town of Valle de Angeles and the capital city of Tegucigalpa. In Valle, we work with an established orphanage, and in Tegucigalpa, we partner with a network of Hondurans to help provide education, mentorship, and work opportunities. We believe these aspects of support are not only beneficial but also necessary for the success of the young people we work with, who do not have the same privileges we have been afforded to help them navigate the transition into adulthood.    



Los Niños


Our executive director, Morgan Bryant, began a relationship with a privately owned orphanage in Valle de Angeles in 2012. Over the past eleven years, her dedication to the children in the orphanage has only grown as she has realized the impact made by being a constant source of love and support for the children. In 2019, Morgan moved to Honduras to better work alongside the orphanage. She served as a full-time volunteer there, working as an English teacher and caretaker. Now, we provide direct support in many areas, including education. The relationships we make and maintain with the children at the orphanage allow us to provide continued support for the kids, not only while they reside in the orphanage, but also after they leave. We believe in long-term relational commitments, rather than short-term work.

Los Jóvenes


Once our kids leave the orphanage, our support does not stop. We strive to help each child successfully transition into life outside the security of the orphanage. For some, we work to help them enroll in university or technical school, while others need help finishing high school or finding suitable jobs that will help them earn enough to provide for themselves. Beyond this immediate support, we also provide continued fellowship and guidance to help teach them the life skills necessary to be successful, independent adults. We also aim to impress upon them the importance of their role in their country's future. We hope that through this we are able to impact not only the students' lives, but also the country and society of Honduras as a whole.  

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