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HOPE 3:27 was created out of a long-standing desire to help provide lasting change for children and youth in Honduras. Through many years of dedicated work with the people of Honduras, we have learned that creating a truly lasting impact requires providing others with the tools necessary to be able to bring further change to their communities for years to come. We work to create generational change by fostering positive physical, emotional, and spiritual growth for children and young adults in Honduras.

It is our ultimate goal that each young man or woman whom we are able to help will be equipped with the tools and skills necessary to not only be successful in their own lives, but also to help lift others out of cycles of poverty, abuse, and neglect. By partnering with Hondurans, we hope to create a sustainable cycle of positive life change for generations to come. 



Kevin Bryant

Kevin worked in the Dallas banking industry for 34 years before feeling the Lord call him to a larger ministry role. He is now a central part of our work in Honduras, leading our fundraising efforts and making multiple trips each year to provide hands-on assistance. Kevin also serves as a lead volunteer with the SoupMobile homeless outreach ministries in south Dallas, where he serves weekly and spearheaded the design, fundraising, and building process of a new food pantry to serve the south Dallas community. He has a love for our children in Honduras and a passion for helping implement systems to create generational change.


Jenny Brady

Jenny was raised in Honduras, where her parents have served as missionaries for over 30 years. She returns to Honduras regularly to continue her community development work there. Jenny serves as the Senior Director of Community Engagement at Legacy Chirstian Academy and is also the co-creator of Christian Educators Diversity Alliance and GRAACE 360. She has been a trailblazer in diversity and inclusion work in Christian education for over twenty years and serves as a Fellow at Baylor University's Center for School Leadership. She is passionate about Honduras and its people, and helping show others God's love and mercy through biblical diversity.

Bob Mirabito

Bob was a founding member of ServingHIM Healthcare International Ministries in 1998, bringing medical care and church planting to Romania, Moldova, and Guatemala. For 22 years he served both in a leadership capacity, as Vice President/Logistical Coordinator, and in the field, organizing and leading medical mission trips to each of the above regions. Bob's passion is sharing the Gospel in hopes that every boy, girl, man, and woman will come to the knowledge of God and have a loving relationship with their savior, Jesus Christ. 


Morgan Bryant

Executive Director

Honduras first captured Morgan’s heart on a high school trip in 2012. The moment she stepped into the local orphanage in Valle de Angeles, she knew she would be returning. Morgan traveled back multiple times each year until she moved to Honduras in 2019 to fulfill a deeper commitment to her kids there. She lived in Valle for nearly two years, serving as a full-time volunteer at the same orphanage she first visited in 2012. She now splits her time between the States and Honduras, making monthly trips to continue her work with our community there, including the children in and out of the orphanage. A former high school teacher and proud Aggie, Morgan also holds a Master of Science in Educational Psychology - Family Policy and Program Administration. She is passionate about child welfare and doing what she can with what she has to help those in need. 



Watch our interview on The Jeff Crilley Show below!

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